Bulldog Bytes

Bulldog Bytes is an outreach program established at Mississippi State University in 2013 by Sarah Lee and Rian Walker.  The program was initially funded through the National Center for Women & Information Technology's AspireIT program. Since then, with additional funding from AspireIT, AccessComputing, CREATE Foundation, GenCyber, and private donors, Bulldog Bytes has provided learning experiences for boys and girls from elementary to high school throughout the state.

The program is built around a project-based curriculum believing that play, inquiry, teamwork, and problem solving are important aspects of learning environments. In a gender-specific residential and day camp programs, campers

 (1) Learn about cyber security through hands-on independent and team modules.

 (2) Learn about digital forensics with hands on case study projects.

 (3) Learn to program using robots.

 (4) Have the opportunity to interact with professionals in computing careers.

 (5) Learn to work together in teams to implement project designs and solve problems.